OSSN Invite Need a few more features.

William Shoap Posted in Component Development 2 weeks ago

Can the OSSN Invite feature by upgraded to add the following features:

  1. Include an email template feature that allows the administrator to design the email and send out the email in HTML format OR text format, which the administrator chooses. This will allow better compatibility with email services. Right now, we have to edit the code to put in custom messages.

  2. Save the email address that are sent an invite email

  3. Include an option for an unsubscribe link to be placed in the footer, along with the business address and other elements that are needed to comply with CAN SPAM Legislation. When a recipient clicks "Unsubscribe", the email address will be flagged as unsubscribed in the mySQL database backend of OSSN. If the email address is ever again send an invite email, it will automatically be eliminated from getting any kind of email message.