How Do You Allow Non-Users To View Pages And Posts Without Being Logged In?

Justin Derby Posted in Technical Support 8 months ago

The users on my OSSN site have been asking me to make it so that my site allows people to view pages and posts on my site without being logged in as a user. They have pointed out to me that social media sites like Gab allow people to do this, and that this has played a big factor in helping those sites grow. I also need to know how to do this for my site in order for the content sharing component to be used to its full potential in terms of encouraging new users to join the site.

us Justin Derby Replied 7 months ago

The problem with what you said is that when you open that post URL without already being logged into the site, it gives you a message that says you have to be logged in as a user to be able to view that post. What I am asking you is how can you make it so that people can view post URLs without having to be logged in as a user?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 8 months ago

You can just share a post URL to someone, just click on the time below the name in the post, you'll be moved to post page. Example :