Link Preview - remove diplayed link in text field

Philip Lozier Posted in Component Development 3 years ago

When sharing articles or the address of another site, link preview leaves the URL in the text field. I would like it to be removed when the item is posted. Would like to be able to just write my commentary, and have the commentary and the image and link to page on the bottom shown.

I have already tried to edit the item ".link-preview-link" to contain "display: none;" but seems to have no effect on that item. Possibly wrong item?

Does anybody know how I can make this happen? It is rather ugly when no commentary is added, and still pretty ugly if you have commentary on top of it.



us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

What i mean is when I press post button, all text remains, including the URL to the link. It looks pretty bad most of the time. i would like to achieve the URL to the linked page or article to remove, like when you post a video link in the softlab24 video component, but with the other text you may have added remaining. This would look a lot cleaner, especially if you haven't added any additional text. So, if no text was added, you would just see the page link image, then the link box below it with the preview text.


Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 years ago

After you press post button any text in the input fields removes. Do you mean when you press post button (when post is created) any text inside including URL inside input form didn't removed?