Component request... abreviated monbth names.

Philip Lozier Posted in Component Development 3 years ago

Okay. The US Birthday Format has been created for creating new accounts. Very nice. It doesn't take care of the format in other areas of the system, though.

Maybe somebody with the know how could create a component that when a date comes up the numeric month can be converted to the 3 letter month abbreviation? i.e.:

01 = Jan
02 = Feb
03 = Mar
etc, etc.

For US based systems, the European date format is easily confused... we would see 03/05/2021 as March 5th 2021 when European users understand it as 3rd May 2021. Displayed as 03 May 2021 US users would fully understand it correctly, and such a format is frequently seen by us.

Just a thought for this needed feature as it wouldn't involve changing the format, only a substitution of numeric value for abbreviated month. If anybody can make this happen, it would be a wonderful thing!



us Joey Champion Replied 3 years ago

Cool idea. thumbsUP