Is it possible to add "Login with your social network" as an Oauth method on other sites?

Av J Posted in Component Development 3 years ago

Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to make an Oauth for OSSN site you are developing. This is because i am personally developing other sectors to my site, so it would be helpful and provide ease of access to users if we can add a login with your social network Oauth. If it is possible can i please know how?

us Av J Replied 3 years ago

Hi! No sorry, not that. I mean for example, if my OSSN site name is "yeet" , Is it possible to make a custom Oauth login like "Login with yeet" I actually want a custom Oauth for my OSSN site as Iam designing a worpress site, i have an option to add a custom Oauth.
Thank you for the reply either way Joey :)

us Joey Champion Replied 3 years ago

Please forgive me, just trying to help...
Is this what you are asking for?