Custom Component Creation - ossn_register_system_sdk

Bryan Saltzman Posted in Component Development 1 month ago

I don't see this function defined in the code reference. What does it do? The tutorial on building components doesn't mention ossnregistersystem_sdk, but almost all components do it.

Can we get updated documentation?

I am trying to figure out how a simple component like user verified works. Why is the path to the unverify action /action/user/tick/unverify?

us Bryan Saltzman Replied 1 month ago

Thanks for the response. I see that ossnregistersystem_sdk is defined in the Kernel component.

function ossn_register_system_sdk($type, $handler, $pcit = 4001) {
    global $Ossn;
    if(!isset($Ossn->kernelBatch)) {
            $Ossn->kernelBatch = array();
    $Ossn->kernelBatch[$type] = array(


German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 month ago

We don't have this function this is from softlab24 paid stuff you should contact them. If you wanted to know how to write a component see