No se instala ossn premium, ossn gratis si

Homero Glashier Posted in Professional Services 2 weeks ago

1.- Puedo Instalar.
2.- No puedo crear administrador de ossn.
3.- Puedo ingresar a la cuenta administrador ossn, pero no se crearon usuario y las contraseñas

Borré componentes en mi VPS SERVER como PHP, SQL, PERL, RPM... volví a instalar pero no queda.
La primera vez si funcionó ossn gratis y me animé a comprar el premium

German ~Z~ Man Replied 6 days ago

Any update on this one, Homero?
Please respond within 24 hours, otherwise this thread will be closed

us Steven Legg Replied 1 week ago

Hola Homero,

Soy no habla espanol, engles por favor:

Hello Homero,

I don't quite understand your problem because I can't see your errors that you are getting. Can you please post a few screenshots of what you are seeing so that we as a community can better understand?