Notifications for tagged user/friend in Text Area of Wall.

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Many Thanks Arsalan for assisting me in tagging friends in wall post. Iam trying to make notifications work for tagged friend in wall post . Heres the link . So I am trying to make changes in mention notifications for wall post. Please have a look at the functions at lines 25,88,107,115,136,155. Please tell me whats wrong here. I implemented the same logic u suggested earlier for wall mentions. I think in function present at line 136 I need to make changes. Iam not clear about annotations. Also I need to add a switch case for wall in function present at line 37.

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Hello Arsalan and Z-Man. Iam extremely sorry for what I did earlier. Iam trying to learn from you guys. Please help me in this process. Please excuse me for my mistakes. I have been trying to get notfications to work. $notifications->add('mention:post:created', $args['ownerguid'], $args['subjectguid'],$args['item_guid'],$user->guid). I believe $args should be used here.Because $args contains the details of target user.

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Sorry again! I am new to software domain. Firstly thanks for teaching me to debugging and walking me through code. I know that Iam misunderstanding things. But I believe I can make things right with experience. I should be doing that by now but unfortunately I am uable to do. Please help me here.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 days ago

Yes, and that's exactly why I feel unable to help you further: because I can see no progress.

Arsalan told you for a good reason to debug $params, and you did and sent that screenshot 2 days ago:
enter image description here

So, does this array contain a owner_guid ? No it doesn't. As it does not contain a subject_guid and no item_guid.
Nevertheless you're trying to call the add function with right these 3 not available parameters.
And that's where my patience ends.

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I believe its $args instead of $params right? Because those guids are present in $args array right? I tried that too

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$notifications->add('mention:post:created', $params['ownerguid'], $params['subjectguid'], $params['item_guid'],$user->guid);

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 days ago

You wrote:
I tried with these parameters ownerguid,subjectguid,itemguid.

Please post the complete line of code you tried.

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The add function has 5 parameters type,posterguid,subjectguid,itemguid,notificationowner. I tried the same in notifications->add. I didnt understand why its not working.

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Iam extremely sorry Z~Man. I tried with these parameters ownerguid,subjectguid,itemguid.I checked ossnnotifications schema too. So Iam little bit skeptical ...I mean which parameters to use here so that it reaches tagged friend account . Please help me here

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 days ago

It's just 18 hours ago when I asked you to locate the add function of the OssnNotifications class.
I didn't do that to steal your time, I did it intentionally because the expected parameters are clearly documented there by Arsalan.

And now you ask: Please let me know which parameters to use here. ?!?

Sorry, but if you're not even showing the slightest will and interest to understand things, then please try getting help somewhere else. At least I'm no longer available on this subject.