Beware of some people around may contact you

Arsalan Shah Posted in General Discussion 1 year ago

Dear Members,

Beware of some people around community one of it is Mary Greg contacting community members and my friends on facebook telling them to provide some paid components free and after saying no to her she insulted them.

She may tell you that she will sue you because of some component appeared in her component list that are part of package since years and she wasn't aware of it. (Even though she can check in his hosting panel when they created) 😂😂😂😂

Please if someone like that contact you be safe. Such a person who insult us and our friends have no place in this community therefore we started blocking them. Before helping such a people think twice 😱

If anyone have such experience with such a people you may share it.


us MAURICE TAYLOR Replied 2 months ago

Thank you

gb Anachist Only Replied 1 year ago

Noted and thanks

ph Sepiroth X Replied 1 year ago

Thanks for the reminder Sir :D

German Patrick Popelka Replied 1 year ago

Hello Arsalan

I haven't had such an experience until now.

If anyone should write to me, you can be sure that we at VAPKE e.V. will not let us do that and will report to you immediately.

It's good that such people are blocked by you. Thanks very much.

Regards Patrick