Component with checkbox not working

Rafael [] Posted in Component Development 2 years ago


I need in signup form a few checkbox items. To do this, I started an component. After an search into documentation, community and github, I found in an code example. In this moment, signup form looks like this:

I'm facing 2 major problems now:
1) Checkboxes doesn't work. Aftee click on "Create an account", OOSN say "Something went wrong! Reload this page and try again.". When I edit profile, this fields doesn't work also. Database also doesn't save any data too.
2) Checkbox group appears after the password field, and this component needs to appear below of the field "What you are".

Now, the question: How is the best way to do this checkboxes? Or where I find an working checkbox sample?

Component code are in


Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 2 years ago

Hello Rafael, checkboxes are not supported by CustomFields they requires special handler.