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Sandra navis Posted in General Discussion 3 weeks ago

I have a problem with the quality of the profile pictures and the profile banner. When i have a picture which has a very good quality and i upload this picture to the profile picture, then it looks a little bit blurred. It seems that the quality is lowered while uploading the picture. Can I change this in some way? And if yes, how?

When the new profile picture was uploaded, you have a timeline entry that user has updloaded a new picture. The the "big" picture is good looking and clear/sharp. But the profile picture (and in the small circle) is unsharp. Is there any possibility to set up that this small profile picture is shown sharp?


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German Sandra navis Replied 3 weeks ago

Thank you :) Work.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 weeks ago

We reduced quality to 50% in OSSN 6.1 because of many users using on same hosting however you may see you can change from 50 to 90

If you writing your own component then you may use following in your component ossn_com.php

function change_quality_of_image_init(){
            ossn_add_hook('ossn', 'image:resize:quality', 'change_quality_of_image');
function change_quality_of_image(){
            return 90;  
ossn_register_callback('ossn', 'init', 'change_quality_of_image_init');