Google AdSense

Anna Ayva Posted in General Discussion 2 years ago

How to use Google AdSense ads on the right side of the website? OR Is there anyone who is already using it?

ng Bubu Ambush Replied 2 years ago

I am having a similar issue. Could someone teach us how?

Warm Regards.

Breton Alexandre Barbosa Replied 2 years ago

How to do it since the begining? Do I have to place the code I received from Google Adsense at some main archieve? Like index.php or other one? After that, what else I have to do? Thank you.

Breton Alexandre Barbosa Replied 2 years ago

Please. How to use Google AdSense? Could you tell us step by step? I would like to know how to use it with "html side bar" and "Ads Inserter".

us Maria Linda Replied 2 years ago

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