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melo lobo Posted in Technical Support 1 year ago

Hello Arsalan shah and Michael Zülsdorff I hope you are well,
in fact what I want to do could be strange to you but I am in the process of approving my website at Google Adsence and for this will be done the google robots must be able to access to the News feed page to be able to check its content. and because this last is protected by password my modest brain proposed to me to created a fake account and I wonder where can i put the username and the password in the code to create a session automatically and allow the google robots to access to verify the content. this operation will be temporary. once the site approved I will put things back as before .if i don't do this my website will never be approved and google will never advertise on my site. those are the rules of google adscence and I must comply

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 1 year ago

Thanks for asking, Melo!
And no, I'm not so well these days - still suffering fr'om post-vac syndroms.
Anyway, I'd try to install the
component - offering a few crawlable links with some meaningful content.
And - if installed - disable the Cookie Banner - which most likely prevents the bot from further diving deeper into your site. I'm not sure, but chances are.

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