How to remove the word "copyright" next to the copyright symbol on landing page

Joey Champion Posted in General Discussion 3 months ago

I hope someone knows how to help...
I need to remove the word "copyright" that is next to the copyright symbol on the landing page.
I have searched and searched and I cannot find how to get rid of it.
(Actually, I wouldn't mind removing the entrire "copyright" from the footer).
But if it has to be there, can I at least remove the word, copyright?

us Joey Champion Replied 3 months ago

Thank you Arsalan,
Your solution worked perfectly.
Have an AWESOME day my friend.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 3 months ago

Easy way would be for you to add a css rule

.menu-footer-a_copyrights {
    display: none;

Flush cache from admin dashboard once done.