Creating a public social network?

Michael Humbert Posted in Technical Support 9 months ago

Hi all,
I apologize if this has been asked before, but when I look at the demo site there: basically I have to register to see anything. Is there a way to install the open source social network so that everything is public (profiles, discussions) so that people are more enticed to joining? If so, is there a demo of a public social network installation?

Thanks so much!
Michael Humbert
Berlin Germany

us Michael Humbert Replied 9 months ago

Joey - cool domain name :)

David - basically I want to set it up like Joey, you only sign up if you want to participate, you can still read.

Is there a way to have the "homepage" display the latest posts instead of the signup screen? I mean on Joey's site I know to click on "Posts" but it would be nice to see them from the get-go

us Joey Champion Replied 9 months ago

Hi Michael,
I did just that with my site, by adding links on the landing page to the site's content.
I also wanted everything to be visible to the world and signing up was only necessary if a person wanted to comment on a post or share something.

French David Athome Replied 9 months ago

Asking for trouble, no? You would be busy moderating.

What sort of theme would be your website? Education?

Or do you mean just a demo site,; elliminate the hassle of signing up etc?