Anybody worked on a safe CSP for OSSN?

Erwin Maas Posted in General Discussion 1 month ago

I am in the second day of creating a safe Content Security Policy in my .htaccess for OSSN with apache 2.4

I do not want to use unsafe-inline and unsafe-hashes, does anybody have a safe, ready-made CSP to share that scores well in Mozilla- and Google- evaluator and doesn't mind sharing it?

Portuguese Erwin Maas Replied 2 days ago

Seems that spammers have entered the community, this fnaf breach is number two, number one was poppy mizzy who reacted to several posts with a nonsense-reaction directing you to some game.

vn Fnaf breach Replied 2 days ago

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Portuguese Erwin Maas Replied 1 month ago

@Arsalan: that's okay, I will go on working on it and when I have one I will share and explain a bit. OSSN gives a huge list to work on, so it might take a while.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 1 month ago

I have no knowledge about it.