Awesome Settings don't work

Mick Dawlings Posted in Technical Support 10 months ago

I tried using the awesome theme but nothing works in the editor. I tried using firefox and chrome and drop downs do not work from either browser. The only thing I can do is change colors, write text and no html controls.

I then created html in another tool (wordpress) and pasted it into the edited. At first, the html codes were showing but after I clicked Submit another time, then it worked correctly. I confirm, pasting html code created from another editor requires two Submits then you can see it on the screen.

Using the Select Color option changes only the Terms and Conditions and Create an account. The rest remain impossible to see including genders and "By clicking Create an account, you agree to our "

No idea and this will probably prevent me from using this theme.
I don't have time to keep testing this so anyone else is welcome to test using their own site and browsers.

us Mick Dawlings Replied 10 months ago

It was just something I tried because the editor doesn't work.
I decided to use the goblue theme so I guess it's not an issue at this point at least.

I'm not sure how to edit themes yes. I've focused on the main site text and not sure how to edit a theme so that the changes will not be lost.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 10 months ago

You can noy copy paste html because copying pasting html may result in broken page and then may complain about it 😀

Simply use editor to write text.

You may also edit theme file index page template and manually add code there