How to change Ads Order

MAURICE TAYLOR Posted in General Discussion 9 months ago

Is there a way to change the ADS order other than deleting each account and starting over?

vn Suzume Ai Replied 8 months ago

I suggest using the Ad Manager plugin which allows you to create, edit, and delete ads, fnf as well as change the order in which they are displayed.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 8 months ago

Still waiting for your answer, Maurice.

10 months ago you wrote:
"1 other person including myself asked a question and was ignored. Why is that when people don't understand something, we are often ignored? I thought this was a community, not an elitest club...."
(complete post in

And this wasn't the first time you've painted the picture of "us poor inexperienced users... and those ignorant elitist developers". Nobody will be ignored here from the start, but the chances are good when threads develop into one-way streets where users do nothing but ask questions and developers have to provide answers.

You rightly mention that this is a community, and the idea of a community is actually based on a balance of give and take, I think. This time YOU were asked a question - but there was only silence. And such reactions are indeed memorable - at least on my part.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 9 months ago

Currently Ossn ads are fetched randomly for displaying. Thus, the order of created ads has no impact at all, and deleting/creating ads again in a different order does not help.

What kind of ordering are you looking for?