How to get the MentionsWall component to show a user list when @ is pressed?

Allon Prooit Posted in Component Development 8 months ago

Needing help to make this work right. Ive recoded the component to use the tribute.js like the Mentions component does. All I need now is to figure out the code that makes the tribute list show up when @ is pressed. Does anyone have any suggestions?

us Allon Prooit Replied 7 months ago

I made this work with the help of Nik Fury a while back on OSSN 5.6 and it was good to go for a little while. Lost my changes when I had y'all do the upgrade to 7.0. Now I'm scratching my head at what it was. There additions to the container.php files found in OssnWall that had to include a id='tag-friends' snippet put in and that got it to work I believe. The problem is that there was another change that got everything firing. What ever got the dropdown friends menu was lost to me. SOmething about the js file taken from the Mentions component to get it going. I will upload my newest MentionsWall soon and hopefully someone can spot the error.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 8 months ago

You should read the source of MentionsUI, and then figure out how to do that in your component. Technically it won't be easy to implement @ dropdown list in the wall form otherwise i should have done this in my component.