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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
gb Anachist Only 7 years ago

Fake book theme responsive

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version 6.0 (updated by $arsalan)

  • Updated for OSSN 6.0
  • Added Bootstrap 5
  • Added fontawesome 5

version 3.4

  • fixed issue with likes

version 3.2

  • Issue with pagination is cleared
  • works with v5.2

version 3.1

  • fixed the issue with site name
  • fixed the login screen issue on mobile device.
  • it works with ossn 4.6
German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 3 years ago

This theme was marked not to work with the latest Ossn because tabs like "Friends", "Photos", "About", etc. are missing on member profile pages.

Anachist Only, please replace your theme's user_timeline.php with the corresponding file used by Goblue 5.2.

us Justin Derby Replied 3 years ago

I recently set up my own Facebook alternative using the premium version of OSSN, and I have the Fake Book theme version 3.4 enabled. I noticed on the user profile that all the different tabs such as "timeline", "Friends", "about", etc. Is there any way to get those tabs to appear on the Fake Book theme?

us BlkWolf LanHunter Replied 4 years ago

Good evening all.
Is there any work being done on this theme? I have noticed that components such as Bio (along several other) items are not showing up on the profile page. I do see the Bio page under settings but believe the them itself isn't set to draw on the data.

us Eric Santner Replied 4 years ago

Hi there, is there a way to change the background image. not the users.png, i figured that out already, I would like to place an actual background image, that will take up 100% width on the screen. Is there a way to do so on this theme?

nz Anthony Gallon Replied 4 years ago

I forked the old project on Github, upgraded it to the current release, tweaked a few settings and squashed a few bugs. So it works on OSSN 5.2.

You can download it from Github: https://github.com/antzcode/ossnfacebook

Please report any bugs you find as an issue in Github.

Turkish Kursad Kartal Replied 4 years ago

5.2 mobile fal :(

ch Fikri Sami Replied 4 years ago

Has anybody tested this on OSSN version5.2?

Breton Gennaro Vela Replied 4 years ago

It's super cool at Desktop, but it would be interesting to fix the mobile version. The menus could be collected in hamburger

Catalan James MacKay Replied 4 years ago

Fixed issue, looked under documentation and re-created the theme.... I guess reading does sometimes help. Thank you Arsalan

Catalan James MacKay Replied 4 years ago

Do we have any links on how to make your own theme?


Developer: Anachist
License GPL v2
Type: Themes
Requires Ossn Version : 6.0
Latest Version: 6.4
Last Updated 4 months ago
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