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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
gb Anachist Only 7 years ago

Fake book theme responsive

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version 6.0 (updated by $arsalan)

  • Updated for OSSN 6.0
  • Added Bootstrap 5
  • Added fontawesome 5

version 3.4

  • fixed issue with likes

version 3.2

  • Issue with pagination is cleared
  • works with v5.2

version 3.1

  • fixed the issue with site name
  • fixed the login screen issue on mobile device.
  • it works with ossn 4.6
Breton CLAUDIO CAMPOS Replied 6 years ago

I use the fakebook theme, but I changed a lot - https://ormoot.com

Breton CLAUDIO CAMPOS Replied 6 years ago

Just enter the admin and clear the cache. Then refresh the site with the new theme

us Roger Ghostraven Replied 6 years ago

I love the theme but I have one issue. When I tried to install and change to the goblack theme it broke my site. The only theme I can now use on my site is this one. If I try goblue or goblack the site fails to load. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help,

au Kingsley Bugarin Replied 6 years ago


I have been making some cosmetic changes to the theme. So far I have changed the users.png image, the title, the "free" text and welcome text.

I think I have found where the sidebar width is defined:

themes/facebook/plugins/default/css/core/default.css -- line 618

however, changes here do not alter the page in my browsers. I have gone up to 280, from 200 and even restarted the server after making the change.

The menu has a scrollbar so it needs to be a little wider.

Any suggestions?



us Roger Ghostraven Replied 6 years ago

I downloaded and tried to install the theme but I'm getting an error:

Unable to install theme. Make sure it is compatible with the OSSN version you are using.

This is a fresh install with files that were downloaded today on a brand new Ubuntu 16.04 server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


us W. Scott Howard Replied 6 years ago

It fix the overlapping issue.

Edit ./themes/facebook/plugins/default/theme/page/elements/header.php

Change Line 8 from

    height: 85px;


    min-height: 85px;

that will fixe the overlap and let the mobile version work.

Catalan James MacKay Replied 6 years ago

Never mind, I figured it out, but it does not work well with mobile at all. Can't log in because of overlapping object layers.

Catalan James MacKay Replied 7 years ago

How do you get it to say the name of your site instead of "
Fake Book"?

German Martin Korn Replied 7 years ago

https://prnt.sc/f7qdte![line 135][1]

The end must go away /br

German Martin Korn Replied 7 years ago

<br />


Developer: Anachist
License GPL v2
Type: Themes
Requires Ossn Version : 6.0
Latest Version: 6.3
Last Updated 11 months ago
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