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This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
Indonesian Arsalan Shah 3 years ago


This component allow users to mention other friends into the comments (only). Once the comment is submitted people can view mentioned user profile also.

This is just a UI and doesn't send any notification to mentioned user, for that purpose you can use mentioned users component on top of this :

During mention it doesn't support spaces example @Some User it will not return anything but @Some will return friends with such a name. It will only show a friends not all users.

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Mentions UI 3.2

  • Support Display Usernames component.

Mentions UI 3.1

  • Show a error message if no match found
  • Improved search method
  • Show names in actual comments.

Mentions UI 2.0

  • Show list in comment edit
  • Make it work in pagination.
  • Display name in list only that you matches your @query
  • Display names after comment is created
  • Disable tag inside tag bug
us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

Couple of things. My system uses real names... upon install, ALL previous @mentions ended up having the "first name" ONLY highlighted, and link created to, which produces a 404 error if a user clicks on the link. Next. it only seems to work for people who are already in your friends list. Tested trying to use it for people in, and off, my friends list. NOTHING if they are not in the list. 3rd, another biggie, although it does do the lookup of people in the friend list with first and last name, when you select the user, it pastes their USERNAME into the comment, NOT their first and last name as everybody sees them in the system. For me, this is a big time NO GO in its current state.

gb JACK AMPERES Replied 3 years ago

this works so well, love it, enter image description here

us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

Oh... no notifications... gonna test it out and see how it meshes.

us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

Whooooooa!!! Am downloading this NOW! Whooooooa!!! that's what I'm talkin' about! Much thanks!

German Andre kutzner Replied 3 years ago

Arsalan Shah that we have used is really great I am thrilled Thanks

gb Richard walker Replied 3 years ago



Developer: Arsalan
License ossnv4
Type: Tools
Requires Ossn Version : 6.4
Latest Version: 3.2
Last Updated 1 year ago
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