How do i go about adding the graphics emoticons to chat?

JACK AMPERES Posted in Technical Support 6 years ago

i see there is a folder with emoticons in, how do i implement this into the chat box use , as when i try all i see is these text symbols and not the GIF'S avalible

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 6 years ago

Please try to stay objective.
As it turns out in the end, this isn't an Ossn issue but a browser issue.
And we could have known all that right from the beginning, if you had stuck to the forum rules how to correctly report a problem, James.

You may have a look at with both browsers. Ossn is not involved in any way on this page, but even then you'll notice the same differences.

I got several hits when searching the web for "chromium unicode emoji", maybe you'll find a solution in one of those threads ...

gb Rishi B Replied 6 years ago

also, on 4.3.1 I don't seem to have any problems with smilies not showing up in messages so if you want any help, I'd suggest being more detailed with what's actually going on with your installation (which is also what Z-Man told you since that's required as part of bug reports).

ossn messages screenshot

gb Rishi B Replied 6 years ago


You may want to consider that it's ridiculous on your behalf to request help with editing an open source PHP package when you don't actually know any PHP. It's absurd for me to try to help you because there's so many things that could go wrong. I'm not part of OSSN's team, I'm just another dude who runs OSSN myself and was TRYING to be helpful, but it's pointless if you don't have the basic background necessary to understand what I'm saying and refuse to make ANY effort on your part. Instead of asking how you can learn this sort of thing, you ask me for a video to detail exactly what steps to take. As I said, I don't work for you or for the OSSN team - if you want to go through their support process of filling out a bug report as Z-Man instructed you, please go right ahead. I'm sorry if my reply seems harsh, but what you are asking for is simply NOT how open source communities on the internet operate.

gb JACK AMPERES Replied 6 years ago

well technically they show up, but they are not as GIF images ,instead as text , so as i have already said i get these text symbol smiley like things and not the graphics. or the GIF format images ,
instead this is what i get ,

a box with this

i have now since tried another browser, trying firefox which i really hate using as its so damn buggy . among other things that make me dislike mozilla in general, however they work on firefox.

my default browser i mostly use is chromium on linux.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 6 years ago

Smilies should show up without any code editing.

If smilies don't show up for you, please provide a detailed bug-reported. See
for instructions.

gb JACK AMPERES Replied 6 years ago

can i just be told what line i need to edit and what i need to put in? in clear concise description, what file, better yet a video showing exactly how. this has to be the worst help platform ive found for something yet so great.

gb JACK AMPERES Replied 6 years ago

look all that means nothing to me, you may as well be speaking another language.. just what do i edit and how? i have no idea how i even call the ''smilify() function , there is way to much assumption on this platform that the people asking for help already know so much jargon its extremely dire

gb Rishi B Replied 6 years ago

edit: i'd put it in the ossnmessageprint() function as that is where nl2br() is called. If you look at how it's done in the OssnEmbed component/class, functions like linkify() and smilify() are usually called around nl2br().

gb Rishi B Replied 6 years ago

you need to call the smilify() function (probably somewhere in components/OssnMessages/ossn_com.php) which is in one of the libs included in the OssnSmilies class. I had to do the same thing with comments recently as they were not showing up there for me.