@mention - before I say its a bug...

Philip Lozier Posted in Technical Support 1 week ago

Before I report it as a bug, has anybody else experienced it?

When I tested out the @mention, I mentioned my wife in a comment. The notification DID show up, but when clicked on it 404's... says is no longer available, or has been deleted.

Tested it on a few different comments... same result.

Also... an improvement would be that when a user actually uses the '@' that it shows the targeted user in bold, or something. The appearance to the end user is that it does nothing.



us Philip Lozier Replied 1 week ago

I don't seem to be able to find a way to delete this topic... it seems to have resolved itself... I'm at a loss. Oh well... it works now.

I still think that giving the end user some indication that the function did something is a good idea, though.