MentionUsers 1.9.1 doesn't seems to work on me :(

Tagoloan Sabijon Posted in Technical Support 3 years ago

MentionUsers 1.9.1 does anyone know how to work with this component.? It doesn't work on me. any update?? :(

ph Tagoloan Sabijon Replied 3 years ago

Hi ~Z~ Man it is working now i have read the notes form our component author that the component Display Username should be installed and turned on. Thanks man.. :)

ph Tagoloan Sabijon Replied 3 years ago

Noted with thanks. I will do it. :)

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 3 years ago

I recommend to discuss any issues with 3rd party components directly on the component page.
This way the component developer will automatically receive an email notification and become aware.
You cannot rely that every developer will read the main thread day by day.

Aside from that: Please provide an exact and reproduceable description of what is going wrong instead of a simple "it doesn't work". For more details see