Dark Mode Component For My OSSN SIte

Justin Derby Posted in Component Development 9 months ago

One of the members of my OSSN site doesn't like the brightness of the current Fakebook theme, and they would like to see a dark mode option on my site. Since I don't have the coding skills to do it myself, I was wondering if anyone in this community could possibly create a component that puts a dark mode feature onto an OSSN site? The couple hundred users on my site would love to have that feature, and they would greatly appreciate it.

us Philip Lozier Replied 9 months ago

Maybe. That might work if you intend to have a sight with a dozen or two members who might agree on things, maybe.

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 9 months ago

Correct, Phil.
But you could keep the original and darkened file in place and arrange with your members you'd use lightmode on even and darkmode on odd days. 💡
A perfect balance everyone would agree to, I think.

us Philip Lozier Replied 9 months ago

@Larry Bell... but would that give the user the option to switch between light and dark mode? No. The other two themes mentioned give the user that option.

us Larry Bell Replied 9 months ago

Or go to >>Current Path: themes /Fakebook / plugins / default / css / core

Edit the default.php

Pretty simple.

Go to

You can get html color codes you want. Save your original default.php by Name it default01.php so now you have two copy's.
why your mess around with the other one test get it way you like it. If you fail copy and paste it back into the original and save it. Best way to start learning ;)

us Philip Lozier Replied 9 months ago

@Justin... like Av J said... the Green by Green theme theme. Has dark mode that can be configured. Also, the basic white theme that is included with the OSSN premium version has a built in dark mode.



us Av J Replied 9 months ago

Hi! So I would prefer you go ahead and use GreenbyGreen by ~Z~Man! It has an option for light mode and dark mode which are totally customizable through your admin panel!

You can find it here: https://www.opensource-socialnetwork.org/component/view/3817/greenbygreen