Food for thought, competing with features, GROWTH.

Philip Lozier Posted in General Discussion 3 years ago

Food for thought for the developers... OSSN is a great platform. The users I have been getting tell me the layout and look of my system, as well as ease of navigation is much better than the other "alternative" social media platforms out there and they prefer it over MeWe, Gab, Parler and the others on that level. Both on the desktop side, and through the webview mobile app I have made. Their complaint is about the limited features of some of the limited functions of the components, especially with GROUPS. GROUPS has been the big one, and the most costly with user retention.

It has been said lately that OSSN is not meant to be "the same" as facebook. Why? It can definitely be as GOOD, if not better! The proof of concept it already there!!! The reaction of users is already there!!! The "unfinished" features (components) just need to be brought up to par. More detailed back end functions for the administrator can be designed. The market is PRIME right now, especially in the USA!!! Facebook is experiencing NO new growth in the USA right now because of their censorship and policies and super strict regulations.Soon their market will start shrinking here. Their growth is in countries like India and The Philippines, but NOT here! Read a report on it TODAY!!! The market is PRIME for the serious webmaster, which means it is PRIME for the developers of OSSN as well.

I, for one,, would be more than willing to pay actual money, you know, CASH, for the proper features to be in place that makes my OSSN site to be able to actually seriously compete in the "alternative" social netwok market in other than just "looks". Can the developers of OSSN actually handle it?



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