Group creation and Users

Philip Lozier Posted in Component Development 2 months ago

I see this has been touched on before, but I wanted to touch further.

I have had an issue twice, so far, with a new user creating a group and not coming back. (that brings up something else I'll touch on in a different post a little further down the line). Okay... I can delete the group... okay... if I even know its there. Anyway, I can see down the line there could be a problem with abandoned groups existing, so it would be good to be able to restrict group creation to trusted members only.

I have the component "restrict group creation" in place that only lets admins create groups... that's good.... BUT... if I have a trusted user that wants a group, I have to give them access to the whole system... that is NOT good. Okay... It WORKS for users given "site moderator" status with the softlab24 component... that is good... BUT... that means I have to give the user access to others posts, photos, groups, etc, just to let them create a group... that is NOT good. My thought is, along the lines of the "site moderator" component, could something be put in place some time in the future that creates a "privileged" user that could access certain features as defined by the Admin(s)? Even just starting with "group" creation it could open up for future development of other features. Alternatively, since "groups" is one of the core components could an option be able to be added that creates a user setting the Admin can toggle if someone requests to create a group? Something?

The "groups" component, in general, really needs some work, as it is one of the most popular features on any social network. Without something a little more up to date it seems to me it would deter membership, as is. just my thoughts on it.



us Philip Lozier Replied 2 months ago

Add to items below... in search results... number of members, last active post date or time perios (i,e 2 days, 1 week, etc.)

us Philip Lozier Replied 2 months ago

Yea... on the part I put about initially set, and re-assign ownership... i don't see in the groups where I could create a group for a user, then give them ownership. Did I miss it in there?

Anyway... as I have said before... for many reasons, I LIKE OSSN... the customization ability, NUMBER ONE! Have the theme completely customized, and able to integrate my categories pages for my news aggregation, the categories for my HTML5 games (am even going to try an integrate a full gaming script into the site), my podcast libraries categories... other stuff I have added... all looks native to the site. I love that!

I am not complaining... just hoping to be able to create the best system possible. OSSN has the potential for much, much, more... I would just love to see it do it.


us Philip Lozier Replied 2 months ago

To make the groups system on OSSN even be able to claim to be up to a MINIMUM modern standard, it desperately needs the following, just off the top of my head:

  • Ability for admin to set initially, and be able to re-assign if necessary, group ownership

  • Ability for group owner to assign additional admin and/or moderators to the group

  • Ability, when user creates the group, to be placed within categories defined by the site admin, similar to the "pages", but categories able to be created, modified, re-ordered, by admin

  • Ability for groups to be searched by category

  • Thumbnail of group cover photo to be displayed in results. It's all about the visual to users... marketing 101... catch their eye

  • Ability for users to see, and respond to, posts from groups they belong to in their news feed... or at least an obvious footer with a "go to post" link that is very obvious. Users sometimes aren't smart enough to just click on something very obvious.

  • Add the group reference (i.e. user name > group name) to the post from group when it is "shared" to the new feed so non group members can click on the name and go to the group and possibly join

Maybe a PAID upgrade could be created for the "serious" site admin??? People like me would be VERY, VERY, willing to pay for it (take my money... PLEASE!). I just paid softlab24 for a customization of the e-mail notifications, HAPPILY, as I have no problem paying for things I want, especially if I NEED them!

I have THOUSANDS of dollars into my system, overall, with recurring expenses. I have researched other smaller social networks, EXTENSIVELY, joined and browsed, and seen what makes the ones that have traffic have, and what the ones who are empty have screwed up. I have to... I need to get a return on my investment. Similar changes (modernizations) are needed in several "core" components of OSSN.

Anyway... that's my 2 cents on it. I wish somebody would just TAKE MY MONEY... PLEASE! LOL!


German ~Z~ Man Replied 2 months ago

I'm not sure whether that kind of 'more granular' permissions would be of real help.
Unused/abandoned/boring groups don't make much sense - no question. But how could you know in advance which group will be unused/abandoned/boring? Or more precisely: Who would be the one to create an amazing group and who not? In other words: It will need some 'administrative' work/investigation anyway to find out. Hence, why not simply drop a promising member a message like 'Let me know if you want to create a group - I'll do it for you?'.