Is there away to develop OSSN THEMES via offline?

Sepiroth X Posted in Theme Development 2 years ago

Hello everyone!

I've been playing with my ossn and been practicing my front-end dev skills via duplicated ossn website in a paid hosting. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to develop ossn themes offline? For example via XAMPP?

Actually, we still have no internet in the school where I work due to the damages brought by the super typhoon that struck us last December 2021. There are still plenty of establishments where internet connectivity hasn't resume including our school.

I got the VM version of ossn tho but I can't seem to find the folders to work with there.

I just wish I can still play with ossn even if it's offline. I hope someone here has an idea how to develop ossn offline.

Thanks for the reply tho!

Best regards!

ph Sepiroth X Replied 2 years ago

@Michieal~Coder~ Hello thanks the idea! I really appreciate it. I'll figure it out. Best regards! ;)

us Michieal ~ Coder ~ Replied 2 years ago

I kind of cheated with mine. To make it easier to work with, I upgraded it to 20.04LTS, and installed kde so that I would have a gui. (These are still relatively small downloads, but I wouldn't do it over a cellular connection unless I absolutely had to.)

The files are located in /var/www/html on the VM. After that, it was easy enough to work with. You set up shared folders and point it to where you will be developing from (ie, your local source code dir), install the vmware tools onto the VM, and then you run the command to make the shared folders accessible.
After that it's a matter of working in the local source code folder, and copying it over into the html folder to update the local "server"/wm.

This path does require a basic understanding of Linux/Ubuntu and how to use the CLI.

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 2 years ago

Open your browser's developer console -> Network tab
and you will notice which external files are getting accessed.

Of course you may move your machine to a location with internet connection one time, download these files and change the urls accordingly pointing to your own server afterwards.
Theme development should work without issues with a customized Ossn like that.

Aside from that your Xamp/Lamp should be Ubuntu 20/21 based.