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Graham ridge Posted in Technical Support 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone , im having email issues , with my community , first i have the spf and dkim records working and the ptr in progress. But my real question is the two values , owner email ([email protected]) and site notification email ([email protected]) what should they be? Are they correct like they are? The emails are through cpanel account. Thank you.

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 2 days ago

I admit i was wrong about saying things were not working email wise , mainly it was my head to which, was not. It turns out the problem was a faulty SPF record in my hosting. Sorry :(

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 3 days ago

The smtp component is working fine now , it had to do with email records , namely a SPF record. Thanks for guidance, all.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 4 days ago


Please download SMTP component 6.4 and try that with following guideline

This is only valid for gmail if you have other provider, my answer is same as Michael, try to isolate all this from OSSN and use some SMTP client to test it first.

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 6 days ago

Yeah, just frustrating, as we've been at this stage already one week ago. See

BTW, it's not only gmail not accepting mails by the yiffzred server. I tried to register using my [email protected] address some days ago and received no mail, either. Hence I'm wondering whether this smtp server is sending mails at all?

And in order to verify I'd try to isolate all this from Ossn and use a different SMTP client like Thunderbird with the same credentials shown below in this thread and send a testmail to a gmail address or the address of mine.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 6 days ago

I am done here as you seems not following the point.

If SMTP is sending to the one domain but not other you need to contact your SMTP provider

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 6 days ago

Where is the file for the basic php mailer located in cpanel? Or the location of the php file?

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 6 days ago

You are using SMTP to send emails and it appeared by this thread you are using Gmail. Now if mails going to proton mail not to gmail its time to contact Gmail team. You need to see if email exists in sent folder. Ossn can't do anything.

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 6 days ago

My hosting company says that the blacklist from that specific blacklist doesnt effect my email deliverability

Catalan Graham ridge Replied 6 days ago

That i very interesting, Eyad i wonder if i change my ip what problems will arise from my setup , but i read dont they remove you after 7 days ?

eg Eyad Tamer Replied 6 days ago

I tried to check your mail server's IP (the mailserver is, I think) to see if it's listed in a blacklist or not, and it's listed in the UCEPROTECTL3 blacklist. This maybe the problem. You may try getting a new IP or something...