How to fix Bio/Custom Profile Bio component problem

RH Tasin Posted in Technical Support 1 year ago

So there are 2 components available for displaying a profile bio. I have added links for both components below. The first one is the original component and the 2nd one is forked from the first one. The problem is I can not download the component from the 1st Download link. Because I can not Sign Up for his website due to his website problem. I was able to download this component from the 2nd Download link, but it is not working as you can see in the image.
The guys who posted this component, he mentioned that,

In order to experience the full potential of this component you must
add the code forced_root_block : "", in the file
TextareaSupport/plugins/default/input/textarea.php on Line 54. This will strip out the <p.> tags and let people post images and the like
to their profile.

Unfortunately I haven't found any file like that. I have found the textarea.php but it's not similar with what he said. This could be, because he posted the componenet 6 month ago but I am using the latest version on OSSN. So OSSN files are changed from what it was 6 month ago.
Now please tell me how can I make this plugin work.
Component 1 link:
Component 2 link:

This is what I am seeing while trying to active the plugin

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 1 year ago

Is there a waiting period prior to confirmation on your end?

Yes, indeed. Because I verify each new registration manually.
Just recently - aside from a few Arsalan Shah fakes - a six months old baby tried to register for example, and ...... will never get activated as I don't see any good reason to surround myself with idiots like that.

us FMS Reviews Replied 1 year ago

Morning @zetman, did setup a routable development instance of OSSN. Prior to registering yesterday, read Terms and Conditions. Is there a waiting period prior to confirmation on your end? Many thanks in advance.

bd RH Tasin Replied 1 year ago

Hello @zetman
I using OSSN version 7.0 which is the latest one, on my website. Also it is reachable to the outside world. I have registered on website to download the bio component. But I can not login. It keeps sending me verification link. Last time I tried to login, it has shown me the below notification. So I guess admin have to active my account manually. So I should wait for the time being.
However, I am working on my OSSN website and doing some customization. And in future I may buy a premium domain for my website.
enter image description here

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 1 year ago

Terms and Conditions

You confirm to register only if

you have installed OSSN release 6.0 or later on the website you're in charge of and which will be permanently reachable to the outside world

What part of this requirement do you not understand?

bd RH Tasin Replied 1 year ago

@arsalanshah Thank you from your reply. But there is again another problem with that download website. This time I was able to Sign Up. And then I have verified my email address too. But when I try to login, It is sending me the verification link again and again. This is why I can not login. Because each time I try to login, it sends me a verification link. Although I have confirmed my email.
enter image description here

enter image description here