This component/theme works with latest OSSN version.
German Michael Zülsdorff 3 years ago


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A simple responsive theme optimized for mobile usability, featuring ...

  • fixed topbar

enter image description here

  • two member selectable color presets (light and dark)

enter image description here

  • custom color and logo editor on admin backend

enter image description here

  • chat on mobile devices

enter image description here

  • separate 'My Groups' page instead of numerous entries in the sidebar menu
  • separate section keeping your personal stuff
  • floating widgets allowing usage of full screen width on large displays

Backup / Restore

Starting with release V 2.3, GreenByGreen comes with a backup/restore mechanism that takes care of keeping your modifications.
Whenever you disable GreenByGreen (= switch to a different theme) the following files will be saved to your Ossn data directory:

  • favicon.ico
  • logo.png (your site's frontend logo)
  • logo_admin.jpg (your admin backend logo)
  • frontpage.css
  • light_mode.css
  • dark_mode.css
  • as well as the 3 accompanying pdf files listing your currently chosen colors
  • site_custom_css.php (holding your custom css changes and additions)

Whenever you enable GreenByGreen these files will be restored to the theme directory, making your site instantly look the same again without any further manual interaction.


Before manually applying any CSS changes to GreenByGreen, make friends with the comfortable admin backend and asure they can't be applied there in a much more easier way.
Manual CSS changes and additions must be saved in site_custom_css.php, only. Don't touch any of the other files since they are being modified and managed programmatically.

se Kaka Raka Replied 4 months ago

Will this theme ever be updated to the new ossn version?

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 6 months ago

I'd suggest to make a component out of it. That's the best way to get feedback on your own code.

Breton Rafael Amorim Replied 6 months ago

In the end of OssnProfile/plugins/default/js/OssnProfile.php I change to

Ossn.RegisterStartupFunction(function () {
        $(document).ready(function () {
            window.addEventListener("orientationchange", function () {
            }, false);
            $('.profile-cover').on('mouseenter', function () {
            $('.profile-cover').on('mouseleave', function () {

and add showRotateTip function:

  function showRotateTip() {
        var windowsize = $(window).width();
        var classTooltipPosition = '.profile-cover';
        if (windowsize < 480) {
            $(classTooltipPosition).attr('data-toggle', 'tooltip');
            $(classTooltipPosition).attr('data-placement', 'auto');
            $(classTooltipPosition).attr('title', '<?php echo ossn_print('profile:cover:rotate:mobile'); ?>');
            $(classTooltipPosition).tooltip({animation: true});
        } else {
            $(classTooltipPosition).attr('data-toggle', 'tooltip');
            $(classTooltipPosition).attr('data-placement', 'auto');

Also, I add profile:cover:rotate:mobile into locale\

Can you suggest some improvements into my code? You are more familiarized with me in OSSN :-)


German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 6 months ago

If you like, just share that code yourself, Rafael. ;)

Breton Rafael Amorim Replied 6 months ago


Although the component is not available for OSSN 6, can you share your messaging solution for screen rotation on smartphones? I believe this is a feature that should be in every theme.


gb JACK AMPERES Replied 9 months ago

~Z~ Man Thanks for a timely response. hope you feel better soon. for me my first jab was worst , got second on 12th of june . I will be eagerly looking out for updates before I consider 6.0 , the work here earns a high degree of respect for sure.

us Pariter Retirap Replied 9 months ago

Can confirm, this really does crash your site :D

This is my theme, what do we need to do to get it back working. I can't live without it.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 9 months ago

Thank you for your feedback, Jack.

Please read my lines at

gb JACK AMPERES Replied 9 months ago

I love this theme, and so the obvious question comes in, will this be updated soon for ossn 6.0?

Hungarian Tamás Varga Replied 10 months ago

1080 * 2340 Huawei 2019 mobile phone is not good display in the feed. Theme: Greenbygreen.
enter image description here


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Type: Themes
Requires Ossn Version : 6.2
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