German Michael Zülsdorff 4 years ago

GreenByGreen Theme

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A simple responsive theme optimized for mobile usability, featuring ...

  • fixed topbar
  • two member selectable color presets (light and dark)
  • custom color and logo editor on admin backend
  • chat on mobile devices
  • separate 'My Groups' page instead of numerous entries in the sidebar menu
  • separate section keeping your personal stuff
  • floating widgets using the full screen width on large displays
  • backup/restore of logos and custom (color-) settings
  • GDPR compliance
  • no javascript restrictions in TinyMCE at the admin backend
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us Philip Lozier Replied 3 years ago

LOVE IT!!! Actually just installed this on my test server yesterday to try and duplicate what I already have with the old green by green. Gonna be a process! LOL!

One quick note, something I noticed straight off... with the new paper airplane feature, and havbing the ability to actually separate paragraphs... it would be an aesthetic improvement if the first character typed would start on the NEXT line AFTER the name of the user replying. In multiple paragraph replies it would look MUCH better.

Am going to be working extensively with this theme over the next couple of weeks. THANK YOU!


ph Tagoloan Sabijon Replied 3 years ago

Hi ~Z~ Man I got your point. Thanks man! 😃

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

First, you said your picture didn't display - and I already doubted that.
Next, you provided the picture for investigation.
And in the end it turns out you didn't use the provided picture at all, but a different one?!?

Sorry, but I'm tired of wasting my time with reports like that.

ph Tagoloan Sabijon Replied 3 years ago

Hi ~Z~ Man

Thanks for the 2.5 update and response 😃

The actual image you downloaded is the original image from facebook not the resized image 300px in height that I used in my GreenByGreen theme. I use facebook to link photos here. And I don't think if GreenByGreen theme can accept 200px in height. Please see sample photos below.

the cover photo must be atleast 1040x300 or greater

Overall i find your GreenByGreen Theme pretty cool.. 😃

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

re 1.) Profile Cover not visible on android phone and pc.

I have downloaded your image: the height is 980 px. While the theme's cover image area height is just 200 px.
So what kind of hyper intelligence do you expect from a simple image uploader? How should it 'know' which part of the much larger image you want to display? Top left? A center part? Bottom right? No way.
And right that's why there IS that reposition option and it's up to the user to decide which part will be the visible part.

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

Sorry ... can't reproduce it on my site.
Just tried with Edge and Ossn cache enabled.
Doing a right-click -> inspect on the logo gives something like
And whenever uploading a logo and/or flushing Ossn cache, the trailing


in fact IS changing, and this way invalidating the browser's cache and forcing a reload of the latest image.

gb Andy richardson Replied 3 years ago

Strange then my friend I'm not sure.. I have just however noticed if i go to admin backend turn of cache for the site the logo re appears as should.. soon as i enable cache again it goes back to the standard "your logo" that comes with GbG.. weird one lol.. Anyway look forward to new release and go from there.. thanks again for your efforts and theme!

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

No instant idea, Andy.
I will release GbG 2.5 tomorrow with its own more up-to-date fancybox and a fix for deleting images. I can't recommend using the outdated fancybox component because it stops the gallery on album pages from working.
If possible, please provide a link to your community and I will have a look. Actually, I'm running tests with those 3 browsers all the time but so far didn't run into issues like that.

gb Andy richardson Replied 3 years ago

Thanks Z Man
Yh i can appreciate that - I figured out how to change it anyway now for desktop while leavuing small for mobile. Although seem to have another issue now lol.. I have changed the logo from the standard "your logo" and all was fine.. However on edge it keeps changing back to origonal image not my logo.. firefox seems fine its just chrome and edge seems to be.. When i right click and inspect the image it has data:image webp64 and a whole bunch of almost like minified css.. lines and lines of it.. so im assuming some cache issue..? how can i rectify this any idea? on firefox right clicking it and inspect revels images/logo.png which is correct.. just mainly edge

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 3 years ago

Thanks for your feedback, Andy.
I think you can't really speak of "understanding" when it comes to themes. Themes are more a question of personal aesthetics I believe. Like clothing. Some like that tight stuff, others prefer a more comfortable outfit. I intentionally wanted to have small images because GreenByGreen was meant for small devices in first place.


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