Block user component is not working

Justin Derby Posted in Technical Support 3 weeks ago

Hello there, everyone. I've had multiple users on my site tell me that the block button doesn't work. They tried to block other users they don't want to see by clicking on the block button on that user's account, but they then discovered that they can still see the blocked users' account, posts, and comments like they never blocked the user.

Is there a way to fix it so that users never see the account, posts, and comments of people they block? If there are any threads about this problem, I'd appreciate it.

us GreenTavern Patriot Replied 5 days ago

Justin, unfortunately comments by a blocked user I'm guessing requires a design change in how comments are displayed. System seems to be designed to block Profile, Top-Level post and never took into consideration comments by said blocked user. A flaw and just a guess as to why block doesn't mean block.

us Justin Derby Replied 6 days ago

I am running version 5.5 of the OSSN script.

As Phillip said, when someone blocks someone on my site, they expect to not see any comments, posts, likes, or anything, from the user they blocked. They also don't want that user to be able to comment on any post or comment they write. Neither user should even be able to see the other user when they are blocked. That's how it works on most other social media sites, and my users expect the same on my site.

Does anybody know how we can fix the block feature so that it works in the way I describe in the previous paragraph?

us Philip Lozier Replied 2 weeks ago

@Greentavern Patriot ... EXACTLY! being as I run a primarily conservative site, the liberal trolls are NOT in short supply. Poster should be able to "block", completely, any trolls.

us GreenTavern Patriot Replied 2 weeks ago

Arsalan, running latest. Does block post, profile but you see all comments to others post. Trolls don't have to post, just make comments to all post and accomplish mission. Agree w/Justin, block should do just that, block all based on user's request.

us Philip Lozier Replied 2 weeks ago

Hmmm... @Arsalan... wasn't aware of that. Then it really isn't a "block" feature. When someone blocks a user, they expect not to see any comments, posts, likes, ANYTHING, from that user. They also wouldn't want that user to be able to comment on ANYTHING they write, be it a post, or a comment. Block means 'block", like they don't exist.

Finding this out now makes me have to re-think what my policy was going to be if two users were having troubles.

that is NOT good.



German Arsalan Shah Replied 2 weeks ago

You can not see blocked user profile and posts. May see comments, likes. Which version of OSSN are you running?