How to install Open Source Social Network / OSSN ?

us Henry Strickland Replied 5 years ago

I have installed OSSN on Ubuntu 18.04 lts successfully on a test server on my LAN, but when I tried to duplicate that success, all I get is:

Installation prerequisites
PHP 7.2.17-0ubuntu0.18.04.1

Without the normal styling or forms to continue. Examining the page source shows it to contain only the specific div's that contain this text - not even a complete html page. Any clue as to what is going on?

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 5 years ago

The http authentification dialog popping up on Http:// is not part of Ossn.
Please remove it from your .htaccess file or ask your provider (how) to do it.

And please respect the terms you agreed to on registering:

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German Christian Peschges Replied 5 years ago

Hallo ihr lieben

ich habe alles jetzt installiert bekommen aber sobald ich mich einloggen möchte erscheint der text:

You are now logged in!

und bleibe immer noch im login bereich

was ist da schief gegangen

ich bitte um mithilfe

ich bedanke mich

German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 5 years ago

Hi Christian,
your permissions appear to be correct, because the "CONFIRURATION DIRECTORY WRITABLE" is shown in blue.
But your webserver's PHP is missing the 3 extensions shown in pink.

Please understand that it's beyond the scope of this forum to give detailed help on server configurations. You'll get help in Debian forums for sure on how to use the package manager to install the missing parts and which way to activate them.

German Christian Peschges Replied 5 years ago

Hallo Arsalan

Ich habe gerade die ossn heruntergeladen
Doch jetzt komm ich nicht weiter
Kannst du mir evtl. Schreiben welche Ordner und Dateien
Welche Berechtigungen bekomme

Ich habe
Debian 9
Mit dem administations tool ISP config3

Meine Webseite wo das ossn hochgeladen ist lautet

Ich hoffe das du mir helfen kannst

Ich danke dir im vorauß

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 8 years ago

@Steve, you are right this is what i said, you can run php on IIS based web server, but if you wanted to run apache web server you have to use either xamm or build up your own environment using php mysql apache.

You can't run apache configurations on IIS web server. I have few windows Os where i built my own environment.

us Steve Elkins Replied 8 years ago


Well about 4 years ago I had my other website running in IIS and it is written in PHP in order to do it I had to have PHP 5.2 and fastCGI you can get PHP from their site ( But my machine that was running it died and since MS doesn't support windows server 2003 anymore it is hard to get the right fastCGI since everything is for windows server 2010 and up.

Indonesian Arsalan Shah Replied 8 years ago

@Steve, you can run PHP on IIS but Ossn is based on apache server and will not work on IIS. Since you switched to xampp and xampp is based on apache web server.

@David, since you are using Abyss , it supports apache configuration files.

You can't run Ossn directly on windows server with IIS. Since Ian mentioned MS SQL , Ossn only works on MySql server, other SQL servers are not officially supported.

Ossn is tested on :

  • Linux
  • Windows 2012 server with xampp

Ossn will never run on MS system natively, you need to install xampp, wampp, or build your on php apache mysql environment using their available binaries for windows.

us Steve Elkins Replied 8 years ago

Okay I am breaking my own rule just this one time.

I am running Microsoft Windows server 2003 in order to use IIS you need to search using PHP with IIS it requires another program called fastCGI I myself only got it to work once with a game server I have but I have switched everything to xampp version xampp-win32-1.8.2-6-VC9 it has everything in it including Mysql...I hope this helps you and good luck. Here is a pic of my control panel. Keep in mind my server is at my private residence.


German Michael Zülsdorff Replied 8 years ago

What operating system are you talking about, Ian?

Up to what I know, OSSN has never been installed on MS systems natively. You'll need at least somethings like wamp, lamp or a virtual linux machine with apache, PHP 5.4 and MySQL