Error with installation the admin account

eric redegeld Posted in Technical Support 4 years ago

try to update and get stuck ad the making of the admin


hoster with many good workings Wordpress sites, so the term go to other hoster is not the good reply to this question

Afrikaans Eric redegeld Replied 4 years ago

well i think is was the previous version. update it now from 4. to 4.2 and it works great,

Afrikaans Eric redegeld Replied 4 years ago

thank you for answering.
Did the upgrade manual step by step and got a blank screen.
then i did complete new installation(no data yet) and then got stuck at the making of admin section.
what is the problem after complete dropping the database tables it works.
so does anyone also got the upgrade problem.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 4 years ago

If you are trying to update why you are creating admin account again? Are you sure you are following correct update instructions ?