Customizing, Creating and Adding New Themes and Scripts

Mauro F. Martins Posted in Theme Development 1 year ago

Greetings to all!!

My name is Mauro F. Martins, and I am the CEO | FOUNDER of a company that works with Education, Publishing and Social services. We have a NGO called OMNIPathfinders which OSSN we are developing.

As we have a SCI-FI THEMED NPO, we decided to include a script which shows the STARDATE at the top of the screen. We already got it working on the BETA of the website, but we couldn't make it work on the OSSN, and I want to be 100% that is possible before buy the version to add to our other products such our languages Centre, our Books, Comics and Board games publishing company.

Could you guys help me out with that, I would really appreciate it.

kindly regards,
Mauro F Martins

German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 year ago

Well, it's always cumbersome to give a meaningful answer without knowing any details. See
and especially 'How to report a bug'

So let me just putting it this way:
The look and feel of your page solely depends on the code the page is built upon.
And since all that code is available and open source, you may twist and tweak it whatever way you want. Starting with small changes of colors up to a completely different layout or any add ons like displaying a date. Just code it - and it will be there.