I am facing problem in fake use compoents

Malik Umer Farooq Posted in Technical Support 1 year ago

i am generate 10000 user i wait until 15 minut but its does not work and nothing happened
php version 5.4
xampp server on windows 7
ossn version 4.3.1
computer ram 2GB
hardisk 250GB
processor 2.6 GHZ dual core intel
Help me sir
and my ossn home page can not work nothing to happen when click profile or other item ...
its slow down my xampp server help me sir
when i am restart xampp server and see the user list its show 26 how many time required for generating user..
when i am generating 1 user its generated within 2 minutes
its support generating 1000 user ....

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German ~Z~ Man Replied 1 year ago

Before posting any 'issues' here:
Please make sure that your environment complies with the pre-requistes listed on


And Windows is not listed on this page.