In wbich time relase next version ossn ?

Malik Umer Farooq Posted in General Discussion 1 year ago

Which time release next version and what are there features?

gb Open Venture Replied 1 year ago

Is there a roadmap? Would be nice to know what is planned to be developed.

us G Kroschel Replied 1 year ago

Oh NOM! Eat me some OSSN! Add some Tabassco Sauce, and we're all good! Enjoy That, Sergio.


pk Malik Umer Farooq Replied 1 year ago

Thanks Sir for replying

German Arsalan Shah Replied 1 year ago

It should be released by mid or end of April 2017,

@sergio how you'll eat software? and how do you mean by the social thema?

Breton Sergio de jesus Replied 1 year ago

I also want to know I'm anxious, I'm from Brazil I started to use ossn now they could not dispose the social thema to download

Breton Sergio de jesus Replied 1 year ago

I also want to know, I'm anxious, I'm from Brazil, I'll eat the ossn, I can not afford it, they could not dispose of the social thema to download.