Working domain to get the website running like ask

eric redegeld Posted in Technical Support 3 years ago

hi, i have a domain at
the only way to get this great script to work is to add the script in a sub folder.
the script need a ossndata/ data folder what i follow from the tutorial
OSSN needs a special folder to store uploaded files including profile icons and photos. You will need to create this directory.
For security reasons, this folder MUST be stored outside of your document root. If you created it under /www/ or /public
html/, you’re
doing it wrong. Once this folder has been created, you’ll need to make sure the web server OSSN is running on has permission to write to and create directories in it.

no i have this URL adres
it is not nice to see and i want this
is there a workarround? to

German ~Z~ Man Replied 3 years ago

Ask your provider WHERE to create a data directory which is NOT mapped to your public webspace. If this is impossible - which can be the case with some cheap or free hosting packages - the only workaround is to choose a more flexible hoster.