Adding a layer for registration so that someone need to validate a new user

Paya Ebrahimi Posted in Technical Support 1 year ago

Is there a way to add a layer for validation of users? for example after the user validated his or her email address, either a member or the admin needs to confirm that he or she is who they claim to be. Then they become an active user.

Also an invitation from a current member should resolve this layer of validation.

I would also like to keep track of who approved who.

Interlingue Michael Prasad Replied 3 months ago

Gentlemen - I'd be interested if you managed to find a solution to this issue? I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.

Thanks in advance

German Claus Lampert Replied 1 year ago

This feature should be realized soon. Today, a new member sends about 100 new spam-postings to my site...