Please can we have embed codes posting!

JACK AMPERES Posted in Component Development 5 years ago

can we please have an ability to post in OSSN with an editor that allows embed codes directly

for example embedding a video rather than just using a link that converts and uses a video sites player. it would be more practical on the admin and user end to paste in a embed code like the many used from youtube,vimeo,dailymotion,bithute ect ,

this would also give more control via the embeds , like enabling related videos etc from the video to show or not, according to the options in the embeds from the sites offering the embed codes .

if mybb open source forums can let users do it, im sure it wouldn't be to hard for OSSN . im surprised and a little shocked how primitive posting actually is in ossn. we need much more practical tools for the components. many of them seem overly pointless

German Michael Z├╝lsdorff Replied 5 years ago

I don't think so.
A lot of bulletin boards have been compromised in the past right because of that.