Is it possible to send pictures through messaging.

John johnny Posted in General Discussion 4 months ago

Hello. I want to ask if there is a component(which i haven't come across) that let's us share pics through messaging. Thanks.

us Bansh33 - Replied 4 months ago

sorry, typed my email address incorrectly, it is: rishi[at] (also in my profile)

us Bansh33 - Replied 4 months ago

not by default, but you can modify the OssnMessages component without too much trouble if you know what you're doing (or write your own component). If you want to, you can email me about this at rishi[at]

attached is a screenshot of a modification I've made which lets users send images and audio files in messages.

screenshot of media on messages page

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

No, Ossn messages are restricted to text only.
If you want to share a pic simply add it to a posting or comment on the wall.