How to add 2 ad formats in HTML sidebar.

John johnny Posted in General Discussion 5 months ago

Hello again. I figured out how HTML sidebar works(finally), and added 2 scripts. But after adding 2nd ad script, the first one didn't show up anymore. First one was interstitial and the second was push notification. I am not asking how these type of ads work. The only thing i want to know is, how to add 2 different scripts and be able to use both of them ? When i add a script and save it, it doesn't show up and adding a new script removes the previous one(i guess). Thanks in advance.

ge John johnny Replied 5 months ago

How do you add 2 scripts in HTML Sidebar ? Do you copy/paste both or write some specific codes ? I mean whenever i add an ad script, the previous one gets disappeared.

us Bansh33 - Replied 5 months ago

you might try using the (free) Homelancer CSS/JS plugin to add scripts instead. I have used that as well as HTMLSidebar to add multiple scripts with no problem. It's most likely a problem related to the specific script(s) you're trying to add.