Seach button displayed below the posts

John johnny Posted in General Discussion 5 months ago

Hello again. I have a request. It is related with sidebar search which is displayed below as shown in the screenshot.

ge John johnny Replied 5 months ago

I am running default go Blue. This problem occured yesterday. You are right. I disabled GDPR Compatible component for "gdpr:confirm:signup" error instead of "by clicking the button below you agree with Terms and Conditions. I will try disablen then re enabling those components. By the way, thanks for fixing "Latest Members".

German ~Z~ Man Replied 5 months ago

I just finished developing LatestMembers 2.0 on vanilla Ossn 5.0 with Goblue theme. And don't have any issues like that.

Most likely you're running a customized theme and/or component. Effects like that may be caused from malformed html (e.g. unclosed divs) in the HtmlSidebar component, too.

I'd suggest to disable all 3rd party components, make sure you're running default Goblue, then re- enable components step by step and see what happens.