Exapnding the Embed Component for local video

Jason Denang Posted in Component Development 3 months ago

Hi All,
I've been working at expanding the default Embed component to allow the use of locally hosted videos. I have created a directory ( publichtml/pubmedia/ ) where I have somevideo.mp4. In both files /Components/OssnEmbed/ossncom.php and /Components/OssnEmbed/libraries/ossnembed.lib.php I have copied each section for youtube and altered to reflect mydomain.

While I've had several different results, I've not yet achieved success. I must be missing something, but I'm not sure what it is.

Please tell me how I can add functionality and support for locally hosted mp4 video files.

Thank You, Jason

gb HM Dadou Replied 2 months ago

Can you tell us how please

us Jason Denang Replied 3 months ago

Resolved! I have successfully modified the Embed component to support locally hosted videos.

Thank You,