PHPMail often landing in Spam and SMTP as alternative is not working

David Exodus Posted in Technical Support 7 months ago

Hello people, i wanted to ask how to optimize the phpmail class for not coming to the spam folder.
As it seems like this appears often and i also tried to switch to SMTP for testing purposes but somehow it didn't work event with the SMTP Component. I would like to use my own SMTP settings and more... How can i even set an SPF record or things that aren't described in the:



The SMTP Component itself says that it's connected.

ch David Exodus Replied 7 months ago

Sendmail is for sure listening and working, I'm using this mail on a regular basis with these settings im using also for ossn. The main problem is that I can't force it to send via SMTP instead of PHPmail.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 7 months ago

Well, admittedly the responses of the OSSN SMTP component are not really transparent.
You said "The SMTP Component itself says that it's connected."
That's in fact a good first result - but to my knowledge the component doesn't verify whether your MTA (sendmail or whatever) is also listening to the port you had chosen.

To verify you may run telnet localhost <YOUR_CHOSEN_PORT> from your shell.

Please understand that it's beyond the scope of this forum to support 3rd party software or how to get your server up and running, but I'm sure you'll find the right how-tos somewhere on the net.

ch David Exodus Replied 7 months ago

Alright, I've setup a new dns provider which allowed me to make these records. Is there Anything else to optimize this process? So isn't it possible to simply activate the SMTP Class instead of PHPMail? I would prefer it also because of Port 465 and SSL.

By the way can't be, as i have no server there... couldn't test it yet as the new configuration already loaded.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 7 months ago

different mail agents may use different rule-sets to devide 'good' mail from spam - one rule commonly in use is: Does reverse DNS lookup work?
And in your case it does not:
nslookup resolves to,
but nslookup gives non-existent domain

Thus, before trying to use any 3rd-party mail relay I'd recommend to set up your server correctly and make reverse DNS lookup work first.