Marketplace, Shopping Component for OSSN

Daniel DeSouza Posted in Component Development 9 months ago

I am using my OSSN network in the Caribbean to help support entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs and businesses in the Caribbean, one of the ideas i have is to offer to my users a opportunity to add images of their products and services on their Business Page, and it will show up on the main Marketplace section, giving users the opportunity to browse and purchase items and services using Mastercard or Visa, or in the Caribbean we have something called MMoney to pay for their items!

A Visual of the Page

I open it to your suggestions!

us Bansh33 - Replied 8 months ago

yeah definitely, I've used APis from both paypal and dwolla (to integrate with other php sites/apps) and they are quite time consuming to integrate with. that's why I was a little surprised when I saw screenshots that made it look like this product was near complete. I agree that this would be a difficult task.

German Arsalan Shah Replied 8 months ago

Bansh, i believe the marketplace component is not just easy , the most challenging part is handling the payments , disbursements, chargebacks. If each user can sell own stuff (also the commission), its not easy to develop such a component. (Like ebay/paypal).

us Bansh33 - Replied 8 months ago

this sounds cool and the screenshots on the facebook page look nice. I know several people have asked me about marketplace components in various forms, so I'm sure there would be a demand for it. I'm not familiar with MMoney, do they have their own API that you're going to be integrating with for credit card processing?

Turkish YILMAZ DURU Replied 9 months ago

OSSN produces a module for Sales and Marketing. İnşallah!

Turkish YILMAZ DURU Replied 9 months ago

> Daniel DeSouza

yes I agree with you I want to create a market I want to take part in the project.
I'm trying to integrate OSSN with OpenCart.

All in all, a market has to be created, but it needs to be created in the management panel (eg Facebook Markplace). Therefore, I wanted to use OpenCart as the Administration panel.