How I can add push notification to my OSSN 5v?

narzan q Posted in Technical Support 3 months ago

I recently install OSSN on my website.
I tried to setup the android app but the APK doesn't run at the latest OSSN v5
When I enable the API the whole website will become blank.
I opened a ticket to buy the android and IOS app but there is no response.
So I decided to add push notification system by my own,
I want to use onesignal because it's free, is there any apk that work on OSSN v5 to make onesignal work on my website?
There is no documentation about how the notification system!!

German Arsalan Shah Replied 3 months ago

The SDK component works with v5.0 , what is your website link? Did you checked the error in error_log file? To implement push notification on android see :