Instalation does not start after uploading the files

Igyarto Gyongyi Posted in Technical Support 4 months ago


I want to use ossn . when i upload all the files, create database.etc, and want to run the install it does not start..i see page 403. I am using greengeeks hosting..maybe i cant use ossn in they servers.? i askd cs, they said nothing wrong from they server side..but it is preinstalled script on softacoulous but cannt proceed the installation even from there. Any advice?

Hungarian Igyarto Gyongyi Replied 4 months ago

Thanks for feedback.i askd them already, they said they try to install, the same error..but i will ask them about space..
but i installed meanwhile other script, just i would prefare ossn.

German ~Z~ Man Replied 4 months ago

Error 403 (access forbidden) is no Ossn error but a generic webserver response.

Thus, ask your provider for what reason he doesn't allow you to access the webspace you've paid for or which way to re-configure your space to gain access.

Hungarian Igyarto Gyongyi Replied 4 months ago


Thanks for feedback..yes i tried several times but received : 403 error, and installation does not started

German Arsalan Shah Replied 4 months ago

Try to install manually , not using softaculous.